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Revisiting Zenbullets

Another activity I’d like to get back into is generative art. I’ve always admired the processing ecosystem and community. There was even an extended period where I was a quite serious dabbler in using Python to replicate various works. In particular, Matthew Pearson, a.k.a zenbullets, released a book entitled Generative Art and published a site Abandoned Art. I recently decided to see what Pearson was up to these days. Apparently he’s abandoned working in this arena, but there are still vestiges of his work online.

Having squatted on the domain adoptedart.org (currently redirects to mpr.crossjam.net) intending to recreate the works in Abandoned Art, I’ve got some Internet real estate to build a portfolio in this space. Just need to get stuck into it.

Interestingly, only screen captures of the abandoned works are available from Pearson’s current site. With a little digging in on the Wayback Machine, maybe the source code can be recovered.

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