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Mission Accomplished

Substrate Sample.png

The above image is a capture from a peyote script that transliterates Jared Tarbell’s Substrate processing sketch. I’m pretty sure my peyote sketch is doggone close to Tarbell’s results. At the very least, it captures much of the spirit.

What’s peyote? Peyote is my off hours project to mashup aspects of processing and NodeBox into a Python based programming environment. Why not just processing? Because I really like Python and I think bit blitting in such environments could be greatly enhanced by a high quality multidimensional array package like Numpy. Why not just NodeBox? Adding good bit blitting to NodeBox is beyond my meager talents. Besides, NodeBox is passing me by. Really, it’s just ‘cause I like to party.

So I’ve taken the path of gluing together pygame with pycairo and running with that. The current infantile version of peyote was used to generate the above image.

I could go on tweaking and fiddling with this sketch for days, but I just wanted to mark this milestone. peyote isn’t even remotely close to polished, much less finished. It may never even be released to the rest of the world. But it can actually be used to create something visually interesting.

Yeah me!

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