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Keeping with the theme of generative art, previously I linked to an old post of mine where, I had replicated another artist’s work. The inspiration was Jared S. Tarbell’s piece from complexifcation.net entitled substrate. Curious, I went to the Web to see what had become of Mr. Tarbell.

Complexification.net is still alive, although frozen in time, featuring Java Applets from an era gone by. What do you expect from 2004-05 though. At least it wasn’t all Flash.

But I also chanced upon this somewhat recent interview (late August 2020) with Tarbell. First off, if I knew Tarbell had started Etsy I had certainly forgotten. That’s a nice feather in the cap, presumably leaving some financial runway to pursue whatever. Second, his backstory was quite interesting. Third, he seems to still be practicing!

What a great gallery. Fuel for replication, emulation, and inspiration.

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