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Yet another left behind in the drafts bin from June 2020. Including today for posterity’s sake.

This is my first post using Markdown and Pelican. Currently https://crossjam.net/ is resolving properly and the content has transferred over. There’s a bunch of redirects, which are a little ugly, but they serve the purpose of dealing with the old WordPress path prefixes. Mass Programming Resistance and New Media Hack (still preserved, bless its heart) are separated out into two different domains.

Now need to work on a good workflow for publishing. The upside is that I can now go with Emacs to create posts, which will accelerate my ability to spit out text. But I’ll need some key bindings to smooth out some of the linking work. Also, need to figure out a comfortable flow to update the production server. Pushing to a git repo seems like a little too much work, although netlify has an interesting take on that path. Maybe for a dev site just to get some experience.

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