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New Coat of Paint

For some reason, this post was scheduled for June of 2020 (!!) but never posted. Letting it loose now to clean out the drafts folder.

For the first time ever intentionally, I rethemed one of my blogs. New Media Hack got a new theme only because I had to apply something during the transfer to WordPress. Mass Programming Resistance hadn’t had a style change from its inception. Now it does.

The theme is pretty minimal. I forked a repository from Giulio Fidente that is spartan black text on white background. Mainly I just decided to go with square instead of rounded corners on the buttons and to tighten up the gutter between the sidebar and the main content.

Along with fixing up the RSS and Atom feeds, the theme change was the last thing to finish before declaring the transition to static publishing complete.

© C. Ross Jam. Built using Pelican. Theme based upon Giulio Fidente’s original svbhack, and slightly modified by crossjam.