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About MPR

If I knew what this was all about, I’d tell you.

I’m making it up as I go along. If you enjoy any of it, and want to hang around, be my guest. No commitment though.

In a former life, I used to be a new media hack in much revered academia. I traded that in for a comfy, if somewhat Dilbertish, spot in the military-intelligence-industrial complex. My company employs 100K+ people, and nothing I say here could possibly represent that organization’s position. At least not without our PR people present. And maybe a lawyer… or two.

Increasingly our lives are controlled by the numbers. Massive data sets, statistical learning, data mining, comprehensive genome sequencing, trend analysis, polling, prediction markets, social network analysis, personalization, targeted advertising, mass customization, FICO scores, carbon numbers, financial derivatives, etc. etc.

In many ways, I’m a primary contributor. Mass Programming Resistance is one man’s journey to find the spirits beyond the numbers.

Transcend the data!

Yours in resistance C. Ross Jam.

E-mail gratefully received at b m d at crossjam dot net.

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