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Milvus Lite

Link parkin’: Milvus Lite

Introducing Milvus Lite: the Lightweight Version of Milvus

Milvus is an open-source vector database purpose-built to index, store, and query embedding vectors generated by deep neural networks and other machine learning (ML) models at billions of scales. It has become a popular choice for many companies, researchers, and developers who must perform similarity searches on large-scale datasets.

However, some users may find the full version of Milvus too heavy or complex. To address this problem, Bin Ji, one of the most active contributors in the Milvus community, built Milvus Lite, a lightweight version of Milvus.

Introducing Milvus Lite: Start Building a GenAI Application in Seconds

Milvus Lite supports all the basic operations available in Milvus, such as creating collections and inserting, searching, and deleting vectors. It will soon support advanced features like hybrid search. Milvus Lite loads data into memory for efficient searches and persists it as an SQLite file.

GitHub repo

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