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Twenty Plus Years …

Hola Peeps!

It’s been a moment. The archives record my last post was late September, 2023. Yikes! Suffice to say quite a bit happened after I mentioned going on sabbatical, (TL;DR elderly dad got ill and needed a lot of assistance getting back on his feet ; an extended, elaborate, distracting recruiting process for an intriguing employment position fell through) but I survived. Can’t say I achieved what I set out to, but life hits you with a curve ball every now and then.

The last month or so I’ve really started to get back into my own personal technical diversions. Any longtime followers will have a good idea what that entails. Of course, I’ll have to write about them, although fair warning, I’ll also be messing about quite a bit with experimental publishing to other sites I own. More to come.

To the title of this particular post. Between Mass Programming Resistance and New Media Hack I’ve pushed out at least a few blogs every year since January 18 2003. Employing my overeducated abilities, this one will extend the streak to 22 years in a row. 😲 Definitely bursty, but it’s some sort of an accomplishment. Many other bloggers, prominent or not, have fallen by the wayside. Just says I’m something of an Internet old-timer. If they only knew.

Having been through a few social media eras, and not really into TheSocials (tm) of this moment, I plan to keep plugging away at this here site, passing along nuggets and commenting on various and sundry that catches my eye. Definitely good therapy.

To 20 more years. Forza!

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