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Some jq Stuff

jq is one of my favorite command line tools and there’s a bit of news. There’s a jq 1.7 finally:

After a five year hiatus we’re back with a GitHub organization, with new admins and new maintainers who have brought a great deal of energy to make a long-awaited and long-needed new release. We’re very grateful for all the new owners, admins, and maintainers. Special thanks go to Owen Ou (@owenthereal) for pushing to set up a new GitHub organization for jq, Stephen Dolan (@stedolan) for transferring the jq repository to the new organization, @itchyny for doing a great deal of work to get the release done, Mattias Wadman (@wader) and Emanuele Torre (@emanuele6) for many PRs and code reviews. Many others also contributed PRs, issues, and code reviews as well, and you can find their contributions in the Git log and on the closed issues and PRs page.

Also, is there anything Postgres can’t do? Enter pgJQ as a supplement to Postgres’ built-in jsonb support.

The pgJQ extension embeds the standard jq compiler and brings the much loved jq lang to Postgres.

It adds a jqprog data type to express jq programs and a jq(jsonb, jqprog) function to execute them on jsonb objects. It works seamlessly with standard jsonb functions, operators, and jsonpath.

Very much feels like alpha software, but could still be a useful addition to one’s toolbox.

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