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Futzing With Fabric

Previously, I claimed to have “finished fabric”. That was just gathering the bits. But then there’s actually getting all that music into the macOS Music app. Le Sigh!

A couple of weeks ago I started reconciling the release lists with the playlists in my Music app. Turns out I actually didn’t have one release (Fabric Live 34, Krafty Kuts) and hadn’t really finished Fabric. I had been exchanging with the Fabric team for bulk digital downloads and Krafty Kuts accidentally got subbed with another mix.

Thankfully, Fabric First digital members now have access to all of the releases. So problem solved. P. S. for the quarterly cost of digital membership, you get incredible value. Even if you can’t get to the club.

And then there’s the metadata issue. Music Brainz Picard is a godsend for fixing local file metadata. All I’ll say is that getting iCloud Music Library to sync with that metadata is a bear. I get really annoyed with missing metadata because Fabric has great cover art.

After a whole bunch of futzing, I think I’ve finally got it nailed, but maybe it’s time for some automation to nail a confirmation. Even at this state, I find the odd omission in a playlist and metadata hasn’t tracked all devices. Thanks Apple!

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