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Building Your Own Chatbot

Mozilla ran an interesting, meticulously documented, time-bounded effort to create an in-house, open source, large language model based chatbot.

With this goal in mind, a small team within Mozilla’s innovation group recently undertook a hackathon at our headquarters in San Francisco. Our objective: build a Mozilla internal chatbot prototype, one that’s…

  • Completely self-contained, running entirely on Mozilla’s cloud infrastructure, without any dependence on third-party APIs or services.
  • Built with free, open source large language models and tooling.
  • Imbued with Mozilla’s beliefs, from trustworthy AI to the principles espoused by the Mozilla Manifesto.

Heads up. I’m on sabbatical, attempting to do a bit of education on deep learning, generative models, and AI broadly. Case studies like these are really useful.

Despite the hype train on generative AI, there’s promise, … and peril. Expect to see quite a bit more of this in my feed.

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