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TailScale On the Road

So I’ve taken my iPad out and about, putting TailScale to the test for remote access to a home machine. Results have been somewhat mixed.

First off, that it works at all, making it seamlessly possible to ping all my devices as if they were on a virtual LAN across the worldwide Internet, is impressive. I did manage to get some quality extended remote SSH time on the home machine. I’ve been able to do this successfully multiple times.

But for whatever reason, on one of my trips things went really sideways. Don’t know what happened but I lost access, maybe it was the café Wi-Fi connectivity, and then TailScale was a bit out of sorts. Couldn’t resolve hosts using TailScale DNS for a few moments, then when resolution came back, couldn’t complete connections. I switched to my phone as a mobile hotspot and things were still a bit borked. Quite a bit of teasing potential for a full recovery, but things just never got right. Finally just gave up and went back home.

I’m freely admitting not doing any serious diagnosis, so please TailScale support, no need to ring my number. I’ll be a good customer and attempt an appropriate bug report if it happens again.

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