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Dammit Doctorow!

So I just recently mentioned how I’m trying to fight off some media FOMO.

And then Cory Doctorow posts about all the books he reviewed in 2022.

Every year around this time, I round up all the books I reviewed in the previous 12 months; both as a convenience for readers and to remind myself that I don’t need to feel quite so horribly guilty about all the books I didn’t review (to those authors: rest assured, I still feel horribly guilty).

I’m already in the hole four titles, one completed, in hand from this list (Chokepoint Capitalism, A Half-Built Garden, The Persuaders, and finished Survival of the Richest ). Now I’m getting excellent blurbs on further material for the library, from a favorite blogger. Definitely eyeing a handful of the nonfiction recommendations and it may be time for me to come back around to Neal Stephenson.

I’m going to swipe from another of my faves, Tim Bray, in a post worthy of discussion here, and say Protect Me From What I Want!!.

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