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An iPad Cover

A while back, I was reading about Rui Carmo’s adventures doing development on his iPad Pro. Since I have the same iPad model, I cribbed his recommendation for the Logitech Combo Pro as a cover/keyboard. I haven’t chased Carmo’s development aims but just as a keyboard, the Combo Pro works well.

My singular complaint is that I use my iPad as a reading device a lot, sort of like an overpriced Kindle. When in this mode, the Combo Pro is a little inconvenient. Either the keyboard lays in front, consuming space unnecessarily, or it folds back without providing protection for the iPad screen. Detaching the keyboard to switch modes is a little unwieldy.

However, the iPad Pro is a much more powerful device than a garden variety Kindle. I did not pursue Carmo’s goal of turning my iPad into a full on self-hosted development platform. Instead, I just took the baby step of using it as a tablet terminal for SSHing into remote machines. TailScale has amplified this by making access to my virtual, personal home LAN seamless. Panic’s Prompt is my current iOS SSH tool of choice. I’m creating this post from my iPad Pro, using Prompt and the Combo Pro at this very moment. Next stop is taking this on the road, outside of my home.

Minor tip. For this keyboard, map ESC to the CAPS-lock key. Doubly so if you’re an Emacs user.

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