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The Twitter Kerfuffle

kerfuffle | kərˈfəf(ə)l |

noun [in singular] British informal

 a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views: there
 was a kerfuffle over the chairmanship.

I abdicated Twitter well over three years ago, but with the recent events regarding the company changing ownership I decided to check in and see how long I’d actually been on the service:

Screenshot of @crossjam Twitter account. Joined February

According to Wikipedia, that “Joined February 2007” means my account was established within the first year of the service and 7 months of its initial public launch 😮.

Abdicating was driven by pursuit of “deep work” and avoidance of the cognitive and emotional drain the site represents. I know there are some vibrant, useful, and potentially interesting to me community pockets within Twitter. Good on them, but I haven’t missed it for a moment. There is a somewhat juvenile impulse to jump back on for a one tweet dunk on the order of “Look at me! I bailed before all the shit really hit the fan. What are ya’ll still doing here?!” but I like to think I’ve gotten more mature with age.

There was about 30 seconds where I thought it might be cool to join the fediverse and see where this all might eventually land, but I quickly came to my senses. If I didn’t need what was on offer before why would I need it now?

This adventure was prompted by an article entitled “What happens to sports media if Twitter dies?”. It will likely be my last commentary about Twitter for quite some time.

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