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PSF Supporting Member

Here in the states we celebrate a Thursday holiday with food and entertainment gluttony, followed by a Friday of manufactured physical retail (traditionally) consumer gluttony, followed the next Monday with manufactured online consumer gluttony.

And then we try to cleanse the palate with “Giving Tuesday”.

I’ve pretty much trended to flipping the script on those days, although I do love a bit of food gluttony. This year I achieved nothing purchased on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, nor even over the weekend which used to be my consumer gluttony escape hatch. On Giving Tuesday I batched up a whole bunch of my annual giving which usually gets done the last week of December.

Not going to go into all of my charitable contributions, but just wanted to plug supporting membership in the Python Software Foundation. I’ve gotten a ton out of Python over my career and I really enjoy the programming language, so it’s only right I give back a little. I have no idea what benefits accrue from supporting membership but I’m doing my bit to publicize their availability and encourage other Pythonistas to join up.

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