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Fear of Missing Out 2022

Back in October I had this weird uncharacteristic media buying splurge. Physical or digital it didn’t matter. Novels, novellas, short story collections, graphic novels, pamphlets, didn’t matter. Sports, history, culture, politics, media, tech, didn’t matter. Training sites, news apps, digital long form magazines, didn’t matter.

Some of it was authors I like releasing new books that seem really intriguing. Some of it was recommendations from authors I really like. Some are from authors I know personally. Some of it was second order linkage from references. Some of it was deal sniping and some of it was remainder bin diving. Some of it was stuff I want to revisit. Some of it was material I always thought I should visit.

At this point, I have so much material I’d be totally happy spending every waking hour for the rest of the calendar year reading as much as possible.

Thankfully I avoided any Black Friday urges and didn’t purchase anything. Looking forward to Giving Tuesday.

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