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Xonsh, history, sqlite

xonsh has been growing on me as an interactive shell. One area I haven’t delved into much is the history capabilities. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that sqlite makes an appearance:

Xonsh has a second built-in history backend powered by sqlite (other than the JSON version mentioned all above in this tutorial). It shares the same functionality as the JSON version in most ways, except it currently doesn’t support the history diff action and does not store the output of commands, as the json-backend does. E.g. xonsh.history[-1].out will always be None.

The Sqlite history backend can provide a speed advantage in loading history into a just-started xonsh session. The JSON history backend may need to read potentially thousands of json files and the sqlite backend only reads one. Note that this does not affect startup time, but the amount of time before all history is available for searching.

Combine with the sqlite’s full text search capabilities for even more entertainment.

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