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Welcome Back Data Machina!

Data Machina is a weekly link newsletter on AI/ML topics broadly construed. It’s distinctive in the variety of areas it touches on ( e.g. specific language sections for Python, Scala, Lisp/Clojure, R, plus segments on datasets and distributed systems), along with the sheer number of links. I was enjoying the content way back when it started out on TinyLetter, but it went on hiatus and thence behind a paywall, so effectively disappeared from my radar.

Why subscribe to Data Machina?

Data Machina brings you a highly curated selection of the best in Machine Learning, AI, Data Science, and Data Engineering every week, 52 weeks per year.

Loaded with useful, unique, and interesting content, Data Machina is read by thousands of AI/ML professionals and researchers around the world.

Data Machina is published in a minimalistic, easy-to-read format, with pure, simple text, and structured in clearly marked sections so you can scan them quickly without being disturbed by ads, banners, icons, images or other annoying stuff.

Now it’s back in a free version and looking as good as ever. Glad to make your acquaintance again!

Also, yet another plug for feedreading email newsletters. The latest versions of Data Machina quietly popped up in my feeds unannounced. No muss, no fuss. Just back to reading the high quality linkfest in its best habitat for me.

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