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TIL ffprobe

I’ve been working on automating metadata additions to my Fabric collection using information from Discogs. I was poking around for cli ways, especially via ffmpeg, to add the info to a music file and chanced across a really useful gist.

A quick guide on how to read/write/modify ID3 metadata tags for audio / media files using ffmpeg.

At the bottom of the gist is a mention of ffprobe. Much more appropriate for the task at hand, especially since it can generate output in JSON

ffprobe gathers information from multimedia streams and prints it in human- and machine-readable fashion.

… ffprobe output is designed to be easily parsable by a textual filter, and consists of one or more sections of a form defined by the selected writer, which is specified by the print_format option.

Although to be fair, ffprobe doesn’t seem to be able to write metadata to a file.

Bonus! ffprobe tips

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