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Per usual Simon Willison has pushed out yet another impressive SQLite oriented tool: sqlite-comprehend

I built a new tool this week: sqlite-comprehend, which passes text from a SQLite database through the AWS Comprehend entity extraction service and stores the returned entities.

My attention was caught by multiple aspects:

  • The usage of many pieces of his toolkit but especially db-to-sqlite to grab data out of PostgreSQL, since I have some interesting data in guess what … PostgreSQL
  • Outsourcing entity extraction out to AWS Comprehend
  • The application of SQLite’s full text search capabilities
  • And of course Simon’s way of writing this all up, which I aspire to emulate. I’m getting there with potential content.

Bottom line, I think it’s eminently possible to take my Discogs tables and Fabric views, export them into a single SQLite / Datasette instance, and have an easily searchable Discogs artifact that’s simple to distribute as one SQLite file on a CDN.

Don’t know if anyone else would use it, but it’s an itch I’d like to scratch.

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