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Working With Git and Pip

Previously I mentioned libpytunes and went to kick the tires. I thought it was published on PyPI but turns out it wasn’t. So here I am going pip install libpytunes and wondering why I can’t subsequently do a import libpytunes.

I’ve always known you can do pip install from a git repository, but a while back Adam Johnson wrote up some of the details. There are plenty of other good overviews out there, (e.g. Simon Willison’s), this one just caught my eye recently.

Now pip install git+https://github.com/liamks/libpytunes actually installs the module and my import statement works as expected. Bonus, you can put git+https://github.com/liamks/libpytunes into requirements.txt and setup.py files as well, to achieve similar results.

Unfortunately the liamks version got hit by a trivial API change in plistlib in Python 3.9, so there was still breakage on my end, but Anirudh Acharya has a forked repo with the necessary one liner fix. Of course I used pip install git..., and now my Music.app experiments are proceeding apace.

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