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Listening Streak

Streaks App Listening Icon

Speaking of streaks, 1 year ago I set about to listen to more music. The screen capture above, from the Streaks iOS app on my phone, emphasizes that I’ve managed to do that for 365 days straight. 🎊 🥳 🎉 Listening in this case means a minimum of 3 songs, but almost uniformly I got in a full “CD” if not multiples.

What always gets me about these types of streaks is overcoming those crappy days. Days when you fell wishy washy and think you might have COVID. Days when work runs long and you feel dead tired. Days when your kids get on your last nerve. Days when you feel like you let everyone down.

But a little music always soothes the soul, even if one falls asleep in the middle of the mix 🤣.

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