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LF AI & Data

Link parkin’: LF AI & Data Foundation.

The LF AI & Data Foundation supports open source projects within artificial intelligence and the data space.

This overview deck provides a lot more detail.

Didn’t realize that the Linux Foundation had an Artificial Intelligence and Data thrust, with a bushel of projects under its umbrella. A few of them are having a pretty big industry impact.

Discovered this via poking around at the Milvus repository:

Milvus is an open-source vector database built to power embedding similarity search and AI applications. Milvus makes unstructured data search more accessible, and provides a consistent user experience regardless of the deployment environment.

Milvus 2.0 is a cloud-native vector database with storage and computation separated by design. All components in this refactored version of Milvus are stateless to enhance elasticity and flexibility. For more architecture details, see Milvus Architecture Overview.

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