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Let’s Keep It Rolling

By my math, I went 29 for 31 on daily posts last month. I was hoping to run the table after a long period of infrequent, intermittent posting. There’s a certain symmetry in how I screwed up right at the beginning of the month and right at the end of the month, but 20+ days in between is not too bad.

All that said, I’m going to try and keep this blogging thing rolling once again. Some things I learned or maybe re-learned:

  • The routine is good for the brain and the spirit
  • Keeping a few short, easy to update, draft messages as a safety valve is good idea
  • I have extreme admiration for deep technical bloggers like Simon Willison and Mark Litwintschik. Expect more like that here.
  • But I’ve also come to realize those deep tech posts come from doing actual work and take a while to develop
  • Much respect as well to podcasters like Tobias Macey, Michael Kennedy, Ben Lorica, Jared Santo, and Adam Stacoviak. I will not be doing any podcasting. Damn though. This pool needs some diversification.
  • Writing Markdown in Emacs is enjoyable
  • Emoji in Emacs is sort of fun now
  • Pelican feels like it should be way more efficient and a lot faster

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