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Hacking iTerm2

Even though I’ve expounded on the coolness of xonsh, I haven’t put it to use in full anger yet. I’m thinking it might best be leveraged as an interactive shell workspace, sort of like Jupyter Notebooks but without the Web browser bits and much more of a CLI.

But I’ve been thinking about how to make launching a new space as cheap and mindless as possible. Enter scripting the iTerm2 terminal emulator using its Python API. From an example of scripting iTerm2 straight from another command line:

This script demonstrates two concepts:

  1. Launching iTerm2 using PyObjC and running the script only after it is launched.

  2. Creating a window that runs a command.

So if the command is “kickoff xonsh with some args,” either in an existing or newly created virtualenv, it becomes almost trivial to fire off new interactive spaces.

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