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Collaboration Invitations

So I’ve been struggling for the longest time with my personal dotfiles repository trying to share it between personal and work activities. Two separate branches seemed to eliminate some of the difficulties, but SSH access was quite frustrating. It was challenging dealing with multiple public keys, across multiple machines, one of which typically was used infrequently. Suffice it to say I banged my head against a lot of SSH and git config file walls.

Then I just gave up and decided to push the work branch to a work GitHub account and deal with cross pollination via merges over HTTP. Part of the problem was attempting to keep the personal repo private for no good reason. I really thought at some point I’d be adding public keys into the repository just to make life easier and became totally paranoid. YAGNI.

The final piece of the puzzle was sending collaboration invitations between the two accounts, thereby providing push access to both repos with one SSH key for each persona. 🤦 C’mon man!

Now it’s fairly straightforward to share changes between the two configurations. I’d dare say I could even go back to making the personal repo private, but what’s the point.

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