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20 Years of Simon Willison

Just had to acknowledge Simon Willison’s 20th anniversary of blogging. I have a very loose tie in that I used to have an appointment at the Medill School of Journalism. At the time, the concept of Content Management Systems wasn’t ingrained in media circles. Working with a colleague, we introduced a rudimentary platform that was used as part of every MS student’s stint in Medill’s downtown Chicago newsroom.

So of course when I first heard of Django and how it was born in a newsroom, I had to have Adrian Holovaty come up to Evanston and give a talk. For a while, Adrian and I lived relatively close by in Chicago and would bump into each other at ChiPy meetups. Thus the extremely loose tie to Simon.

I really enjoy and admire Simon’s current stream of work, especially on Datasette. Despite the volume, his blog is one of a handful that I look forward to with anticipation for new content. That guy can crank out some code, but also has good taste in problems, and will go down a few layers into the technology. Here’s to many more posts to come!

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