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Python Podcast Recommendations

Below are some podcast recommendations for those invested in the Python ecosystem.

The first four were previously listed in my Favorite Podcasts 2022 list. The Python Podcast.__init__, Python Bytes, and Talk Python To Me are my gotos, in that rough priority order.

Strictly speaking the Data Engineering Podcast isn’t about Python, but there’s enough overlap with the ecosystem that a lot of Python pops up. The PyBites Podcast is mostly specific to participants in the PyBites community and platform. It’s a little more on the personal and professional development side than straight Python ecosystem. Oddly enough, even though I’m recommending it and I’m a paid subscriber on Real Python, I don’t often listen to episodes from The Real Python Podcast. But when I do, I’m highly satisfied.

I just threw in Software Engineering Radio because it hasn’t been mentioned in this blog yet, but it’s really good and has the occasional Python bits 😆.

Actually, Software Engineering Radio was previously mentioned in Deep Diving Podcasts. We regret the error

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