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Peter Wang’s PyScript Keynote

Peter Wang gave a keynote at PyCon US 2022. Apparently it excited a lot of people. The topic was PyScript, a project to put Python in the browser via WebAssembly.

PyScript is a framework that allows users to create rich Python applications in the browser using HTML’s interface and the power of Pyodide, WASM, and modern web technologies. The PyScript framework provides users at every experience level with access to an expressive, easy-to-learn programming language with countless applications.

Here’s a recording of Peter’s keynote:

Tobias Macey released a PyScript focused podcast episode of The Python Podcast __Init__ with Russell Keith-Magee going deep into the overall strategy and the technical details.

Meanwhile, Michael Kennedy interviewed Fabio Pliger, the key developer of PyScript, on Talk Python to Me.

Plenty of material for a motivated developer to make decisions on the reality of PyScript. On the one hand, it’s alpha and there have been any number of similarly styled attempts over the past few years. On the other, maybe the base technologies have matured enough that in combination with Anaconda corporate support a robust project, community, and ecosystem can emerge. Anaconda was there for the Python data/numerical computing community so lightning could strike twice.

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