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Emacs and Emojis

So that’s all there was to it?

For the longest time, I had no memorable and easy way to enter and display Unicode text within my Emacs buffers. When jumping back into blogging this is somewhat problematic since the world sort of expects at a minimum the frivolous usage of a few emojis to demonstrate you’re keeping up with the cool kids 💥! After installing Nerd Fonts on my Macbook, I was more determined than ever to solve this conundrum.

Mickey Petersen of Mastering Emacs (buy his book), solved the display challenge. Install a package, do some customization, and voilà! Unicode characters, cut and paste from the Internet, display.

Petersen (buy his book, really) also had a nifty approach to entering emojis. Emacs has “input methods” which you can rig to expand text sequences into Unicode characters. You have to make a modal switch into the input method, but it’s better than nothing.

So then I started digging arouund to remind myself on how to insert characters with diacriticals. Of course Petersen (you did buy his book right?) had the answer, but within that answer was this nugget:

To insert a code point type C-x 8 RET and enter the Unicode name (type TAB twice to get a complete list).

Well, whaddya know 🤔

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