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Why the Return?

Still(!!) mopping up 2021 leftovers. This one was started in Septermber 2021. Yikes!

So I’ve come back to blogging, maybe not at previous publishing rates, but definitely with some consistency in late(ish) 2021. What gives?

On the day job, I got a big promotion in April (if you can navigate LinkedIn or are decent at Google you can find the details) that’s probably going to steer me to being much less technical at work. I’m gonna need a hacking outlet, thus I’m aiming to do some side projects on my off time. Previously, this blog was more life and media commentary oriented, but I’m hoping to pivot into a better “tech” blogger, whatever that means. At least to me it means more project details and definitely more code.

Specifically I have five independent personal development goals I’m currently working on

  1. Mastery of the Python programming language
  2. Proficiency in the Go programming language
  3. Modernizing developer skills and tools
  4. Developing a strong portfolio of publicly data projects
  5. Creating an online technical presence

My blogging will help with number 5 but it can also be a driver for solving some technical challenges, such as search indexing of this blog’s content. As Simon Willison points out, working in public has a relatively low bar for online achievement that can be extremely useful in the end.

Fast forward, 5ish months…

Haven’t made as much progress as I’d like on all the above, but I have made some progress. My PyBites profile indicates motion in fits and starts. Plus I’m on the cusp of another milestone, a brown belt, just need to do a few more pesky easy bites. I’ve actually started reading The Go Programming Language. Some of the gaps in understanding from when I was just hacking away on nsq are getting closed. Discogs data hacking is happening (more to come…) and I’ve had a personal epiphany about how to go about building data projects and a portfolio of such.

Dropping the ball on modernizing developer skills and tools, although the PyBites work is forcing some routine git interaction. Still, me and Emacs are joined at the hip.

Gettin’ there.

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