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Over a year ago I mentioned some sites to help refresh the Python coding skills. Going on about a year now, I signed up for the PyBites community and the codechalleng.es platform. Working in fits and starts, I’m now actually getting back into consistently solving the bites. Here’s my PyBites profile. Climbing the ladder.

Turns out there are curated “learning path” collections of bites, progressively more difficult. Trying to complete learning paths seems to be the carrot that gets me going. Now that I’ve chewed up a lot of the easier bites, I’m definitely hitting the more challenging ones, those valued for 3 and 4 points. Even though I’m fairly experienced in Python these take a non-trivial amount of time. Sometimes it’s just understanding the actual problem statement but other times I need to put on my thinking cap and solve an intellectual puzzle, which is great!

Definitely a happy customer and can recommend codechalleng.es if you’re looking to build up your Python muscles.

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