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Discogs and Data

For the longest time, I’ve just been piling up data from Discogs.com and not really doing anything with it. Finally, I have a motivating project.

The fine folks at London’s Fabric nightclub have two great series of DJ mix releases, Fabric and FabricLive. Recently I made a bulk purchase of digital versions of 20 mixes. They arrived as .wav files with no metadata attached (that I can tell). Adding all the track metadata is something a computer should do, not a human. No problem, all of that data should be in the Discogs data. I’d also like to create playlists or a playlist DB to start noodling around with MPD as a playlist shuffling jukebox. (Why does the world hate playlists so much?).

So of course this means lots of data munging, wrangling, and management. Which is totally fine. I need some data side projects to help build a data portfolio.

Link parkin’ discogs-xml2db v2 as the way to get the Discogs data into a PosgreSQL db for querying.

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