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2021 Books Completed, Part 2

Still making quite good progress on the book reading front. Herewith is the list of completed texts from this June. Just for posterity’s sake.

The Lathe of Heaven pleasantly reminded me of how beautiful Le Guin’s writing can be. Some excellent passages in that book.

Fear and Loathing … is not only a football book but a history book. Learned a lot about Spain.

My only appointment sports viewing is the English Premier League, whose birth and rise is documented in The Club. As a relative newcomer to football, Clegg and Robinson filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge. It’s actually sort of amazing (to me) in what bad shape English football was in just 30 years ago. In my mind, the Premier League had just been this historically monstrous behemoth. Not so fast …

Good Strategy, Bad Strategy is an excellent business book. 10 years old now, it’s also interesting from a tech perspective because it uses NVIDIA as a case study before the company’s recent AI/ML fueled surge.

Atomic Habits does what it says on the tin and actually provides concrete actionable techniques for constructing enduring positive habits.

Two football books, two science fiction books, and two personal development(ish) books turned out to be a nice mix. I’m trying to replicate that during July.

Thirteen confirmed completions for the year. Thirty total is within reach.

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