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The Architecht Resurfaces

I’ve been subscribing to RSS feeds, text and podcasts, forever. As expected various of them go dark on occasion. I still stay subscribed though, just in case.

A few years ago, a favorite podcast of mine was The Architecht Show, by Derrick Harris. At the time he was covering the emerging “cloud native” space and had a lot of great interviews. I suspect he could never find sustainable sponsorship and so had to go on hiatus to make ends meet with a serious day job.

But now he’s back!. Just popping up in my podcatcher (Overcast) as if he’d never been away.

The Architecht Show returns (!) with Replicated co-founder and CEO Grant Miller talking about how his company is enabling KOTS, or Kubernetes-Off-the-Shelf software. We dive into a number of topics around this, including the pitfalls of relying too heavily on SaaS, the popularity of Kubernetes itself, and how laws like Europe’s GDPR are forcing companies to rethink how and where they manage user data.

Welcome back Derrick!

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