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Python Coding Refresh

While I’ve been writing Python code for a while, and even some for my current job, I feel like I’ve sort of lost the pure coder mentality. Work projects don’t involve building fully maintained apps. There’s just lots of little piecemeal components with a lot of quick and dirty hackery. Plus, I’m not up to date on a lot of the newer Python 3 changes and best practices. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally proficient n Python, but not really a modern coder.

So I’m link parkin’ a few resources to start working with, as a marker for future motivation:

Quoting Reuven Lerner:

So what are these resources missing? What is it that’s going to take you from a “good enough” Python programmer to a fluent one that has full command of the language?

Practice. The very sort of practice I offer in Weekly Python Exercise.

I think I’m really out of practice.

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