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Mastering JQ

Link parkin’: Mastering JQ: Part1

This is the first part of an ongoing series on mastering jq. This series does not assume prior experience with jq, but it does assume basic fluency in shell programming.

jq is a valuable tool that every fast coder has in their tool chest. It contains depths of immense power. In part 1, we’ll start off with the basics.

For each application of jq, we’ll lead off with an example that you can copy and paste into your shell to see how it works. The rest of the section discusses the application in more detail.

jq is an amazingly useful command line utility for processing JSON content. I’ve probably mentioned it on this blog, but don’t have search wired up to find the previous posts. In any event, it’s definitely a tool that’s worth getting better at using.

Via Code Faster 😄

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