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LTTW 02: Gene Farris

Listened to this week (LTTW) had one outstanding entrant. Gene Farris, a Chicago House legend, put in an entry for 5Magazine’s #StayHomeDisco series.

Gene Farris needs no intro here - from the loft scene of the ‘90s Chicago House scene to today he’s remained one of the most enduring and in-demand Chicago DJs and producers of his generation. His latest release “So Dope” - the rare track whose title is also a critique - appears alongside tracks from Alan Nieves, TAYA, Serge Santiago & Nolan on Selector Vol 8 from Yousef’s Circus Recordings. Go check that out right now

Just a banging stone cold open that holds momentum while journeying into numerous House classics. Definitely R-rated material. Soundcloud embed below…

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