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Click App

Sometimes if you just wait long enough, the universe will provide what you’ve been looking for.

I’m a heavy user of Click, the Python library for creating command line interfaces (CLIs). There are a lot of idiomatic ways that I build my CLIs. For example, I’m a bit persnickety about logging configuration. Timestamps should either be UTC ISO 8601 or UNIX epoch if needed. And every CLI should have options for setting the logging level. But I’ve never sat down and put all of my preferences together in one easy to reuse place.

Simon Willison released click-app, a “Cookiecutter template for creating new Click command-line tools.” Using Cookiecutter to roll up all of my Click customizations has been on my to do list. I’ll probably fork Simon’s repo but it’s already got 80% of the soluiton I would have implemented myself.

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