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Late Night With Ms. Mada

Forced to work from home more, I’m at least enjoying the opportunity to play music out load over speakers. Look Ma! No office headphones. Maybe in another post, I’ll document my foray into the world of Sonos, but suffice it to say it’s fun to listen to music out loud for a change.

I’ve also been committed to finding some new artists to get in my rotation. Don’t know how I discovered her, but Ms. Mada has been a revelation, especially her “Late Night With Ms. Mada” playlist on Soundcloud. Broadly speaking, her sets are House Music but not categorizable, at least by me, in any one of its many splintered genres. Noticeably different from the traditional stylings out of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, but I’m really enjoying the stripped down, excellently blended rhythms.

BTW, Sonos gear may be a bit of a pain in the ass and often counterintuitive, but it integrates well with Internet streaming audio services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and TuneIn. And apparently there’s a Sonos device API, scriptable with Python.

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