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Kubernetes Everywhere

Rancher got in early on the Docker trend and offers a container management platform. Today they announced release 2.0 of their product. I was somewhat intrigued to see their full on embrace of Kubernetes.

In early 2016 I met Joe Beda, who founded the Kubernetes project at Google and would later found the Kubernetes company Heptio. Joe painted a vision of “Kubernetes Everywhere,” where Kubernetes can potentially rival the ubiquity of IaaS.

The popularity of Kubernetes continues to rise in 2017. Its momentum is not slowing. We have little doubt in the not so distant future, Kubernetes-as-a-Service will be available from all infrastructure providers. When that happens, Kubernetes will become the universal infrastructure standard. DevOps team will no longer need to operate Kubernetes clusters themselves. The only remaining challenge will be how to manage and utilize Kubernetes clusters available from everywhere.

This is a notable, to me, trend with other companies in the space, like Mesosphere, getting on board with k8s. About a a year and a half ago, a project team I was on argued for k8s to replace a homegrown container solution. The choice wasn’t so obvious at the time, and organizational inertia eventually scotched the whole notion, but I wonder how better off the project would have been.

In any event, Kubernetes will be a good resume bullet for the foreseeable future. Salt liberally with skepticism, alá Derek Collison of Apcera.

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