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Blogaversary, Workaversary

Big milestone today on Mass Programming Resistance. According to my WordPress console, this post is number 1500. Also, this blog’s first post was on August 11th, 2008, making today the close of 9 blogging years on MPR. Not to mention 52 straight days of posting.

In addition, this is also the anniversary of my starting employment with Schafer Corporation. That name is pretty mundane, and going away after acquisition, but the job is anything but. Being a Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Advisor (SETA) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (that DARPA) gives one a solid peek behind the curtain of a high impact, technology innovation organization. Can’t really give much detail but it’s been a good year.

What better punctuation than The Black Science Orchestra’s, New Jersey Deep.


Yeaaaah! Black Science got it goin’ on.

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