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Another Unikernels Explanation

I enjoyed this Datanauts podcast, “Unikernels Vs. Containers,” which dove into what unikernels are and why they matter. The interview guest, Adam Wick, really had a depth of knowledge from real working experience researching and using unikernel technology. He basically had the most concise explanation of unikernels I’ve heard yet. To paraphrase:

  1. Build your application for a kernel
  2. Turn the kernel into a library
  3. Combine your application and the library
  4. Throw away the stuff you don’t need in the library
  5. Congratulations! You’ve got a unikernel!
  6. Now just launch it on a hypervisor or even bare metal. It should be relatively secure and resource constrained.

I need to listen to that episode again as I was distractedly tuning out for certain segments. Sounded like there was some good discussion of when unikernels are actually a good use case fit.

Also, from examining the archives, the Datanauts Podcast looks right up my alley.

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