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Data Intelligence Conference

I bought a ticket for the Data Intelligence conference:

The 2017 Data Intelligence conference, which will take place in Mclean, Virginia is the first machine learning gathering for the community using and developing machine learning and data intelligence. It is produced and underwritten by NumFOCUS, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports and promotes world-class, innovative, open source scientific computing. Through the Data Intelligence Conference, NumFOCUS advances its mission of growing the international community of open source developers.

To be honest, the event description is a bit buzzword laden for my taste. I think this conference is a substitute for last year’s PyData conference in DC. This one islocal though, mostly over a weekend, and the entrance fee was the right price. Maybe I’m missing them, but DC based technology events that are grassroots and outside of the Federal space are hard to find. So I’m really looking forward to the conference.

Given how hiccupy (sic) this blog has been, I doubt there’s anyone reading who might also be in attendance, but give me a shout if you do actually exist.

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