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Paco Nathan’s NLP in Python


Diggin’ through some old Twitter faves and found that @pacoid is doing online courses covering Natural Language Processing:

Keep in mind, these courses are the opposite of MOOCs. We realized how the industry had swung too far in the wrong direction with Ed Tech, how VC-backed tech startups had taken seriously detrimental short-cuts to attempt scale in learning, how current trends in “education” at scale opposed our ethos and experience at O’Reilly. Our origin story as a company was about peer teaching, with Tim and Dale active at Unix user group meetings. We’ve always been about peer teaching — that’s one reason I was eager to lead this program, calling back to my teaching fellowship many years ago at Stanford, where I’d helped establish a popular peer teaching program there.

If you’re already an O’Reilly Safari subscriber it looks like a great, quick (couple of hours), intro. Unfortunately, all the upcoming sessions are already full with a waitlist! Hopefully, Paco can sneak in a few more sessions this year.

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