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The Final Call

GReader Logo Give or take a few due to potential timezone adjustments, in 6 hours Google Reader will go dark. Once again, shout out to all GReader staff past and present for delivering a ton of value for nothing out of my pocket. No heapings of scorn from this quarter. Execs made a business decision and I wasn’t exactly a paying customer. It was a good run while it lasted. Special kudos to Mihai Parparita for whipping together the eminently useful readerisdead toolkit on short notice. Somehow it successfully slurped down multiple gigabytes of Reader data for me across multiple accounts.

Moving onward! I’ve decided to go with feedbin.me since it’s approved for use with Mr. Reader. I realized that despite my affection for NetNewsWire, I now do the vast majority of my feedreading on my iPad, either on the couch or interstitially. So tilting towards my favorite reader there means the least dislocation. Meanwhile, Marco Arment somewhat put a stake in the prospects of NetNwsWire. To compensate on the desktop, I’m adding ReadKit to the mix.

However, like dangerousmeta, I waited until the last minute to make up my mind. I’m reserving the right to radically change my mind as I see fit.

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