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Who I Was Waiting to Hear From

With the GReader Apocalypse upon us, I was waiting to hear what the vendors of my two key feedreading tools were going to do. Got an answer now:

First, Black Pixel and The Return of NetNewsWire:

First, we intend to bring sync to future versions of NetNewsWire. It’s too soon to go into details about this, but you should know that we recognize how extremely important it is and that it is a top priority for us.

Second, even though we’ve been quiet about it, we have been working on new versions of NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. We have some great new features and a modern design that we can’t wait to show you.

Next up, Oliver Fürniß, publisher of Mr. Reader, and his thoughts:

In my opinion all of those Google Reader alternatives should support this API, instead of going the easy way and creating their own. This would be a big win for millions of Google Reader users. Those services will have native clients within a short time-frame across many different platforms and devices. It’s not a big deal for the client developers to adjust the API endpoint. I’ve already changed my code (not uploaded yet) so that the API endpoint can be edited like suggested by Marco (Instapaper developer). Yes, I already hear your feedback that some alternatives provide many additional and awesome features. But do we really need features like ‘folders in folders in folders’ like those implemented in, for example, Tiny Tiny RSS?

Basically, uncertainty. I want to believe Black Pixel, but it’s been so long since a NetNewsWire update, I can’t have complete confidence. But I’ll keep on using it until it’s completely busted.

I really do think it would be great if Yahoo! jumped in and provided GReader compatible infrastructure. Microsoft could probably pull it off as well and maybe such an ecosystem could help out Bing.

A little over three months until D-Day. I’ll be looking to see how it all shakes out.

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