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SSD Projections

From the Ars Technica article: SSD predictions at CES: fewer OEMs, lower prices

Storage enthusiasts sitting on the edge of your seats for revolutionary SSD announcements out of this year’s CES can rest easy: there’s not anything mind-blowing coming up that you need to be worried about. Ars sat down today with both LSI/Sandforce and Samsung, and while both had plenty of neat stuff to talk about with regard to their current product line, neither had anything earthshaking to share. Like the headline says, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: now’s an excellent time to buy an SSD if you don’t already have one, and the ever-present enthusiast fear of buying something that will soon be obsolete or out of date isn’t one that really applies for solid state disks.

Having seen at work the performance delta that SSDs can provide, I jumped on this bandwagon at home and bought a 500 Gb Samsung 840. Grand total of $345. Also grabbed a Western-Digital 1 Tb drive for $80. I’m following my aforementioned plan of souping Ye Olde MacBook to squeeze out another year or two as my personal laptop.

I don’t claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this SSD trend has serious implications for advanced data analysis and processing.

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