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Solr vs Elasticsearch

Haven’t had a chance to dig in to this comparison of elasticsearch and Solr , but I’m link parkin’ to keep an eye on the alternatives. Have to say I’m currently enjoying elasticsearch at work, but it’s still early in my experimentation.

A good Solr vs. ElasticSearch coverage is long overdue. We make good use of our own Search Analytics and pay attention to what people search for. Not surprisingly, lots of people are wondering when to choose Solr and when ElasticSearch.

As the Apache Lucene 4.0 release approaches and with it Solr 4.0 release as well, we thought it would be beneficial to take a deeper look and compare the two leading open source search engines built on top of Lucene – Apache Solr and ElasticSearch. Because the topic is very wide and can go deep, we are publishing our research as a series of blog posts starting with this post, which provides the general overview of the functionality provided by both search engines.

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